Another Tech Advisory for Java and UCF

EMC just released ETA 177121: Documentum: UCF content transfer and file operations may experience operational issues for JRE versions 1.7.u45 / 1.7.u25.  There has been another change in the Java security baseline that affects the UCF. All WDK-based clients are affected.  The current JRE, 1.7u51, is not supported by Documentum WDK-based clients, and EMC recommends not to upgrade. EMC is working on certification of UCF applets for JRE 1.7u51.  In the meantime, the ETA provides a simple work around until certification is obtained. Follow the link to the ETA for more details.

If you are curious, here is the post from the last ETA concerning Java and the security baseline.


UCF – Java 1.7.u45 Conflict

EMC just released ETA: UCF content transfer and file operations may experience operational issues for JRE version 1.7.u45.  There has been a change in the Java security model that can cause problems with the UCF if client and server are not using the same version of the JRE you are using a JRE earlier than 1.7u25.  The bottom line is that client and server should be upgraded to JRE 1.7.u45, or all should remain at JRE 1.7.u25 or earlier.  All WDK-based clients are affected.  Follow the link (and discussion in the comments section) for more details.

Java JRE 1.6 update 24 – Beware!

If you haven’t heard already: EMC has recommended not installing the Java 1.6 update 24 patch recently distributed by Oracle on any computer running Documentum products due to incompatibilities. Update 24 addresses legacy security issues in the JRE, but has introduced some incompatibilities with the WDK, and other products in the Documentum stack.  EMC is working to update their code and expects to release patches in June.

If you have already installed Update 24 on your workstation and can’t — or don’t want to — back it out, you can try this work-around to minimize the problems with Webtop.

  1. Open the Java Control Panel
  2. Click the Advanced Tab
  3. Open the Java Plug-in tree item
  4. Uncheck the “Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in”
  5. Click OK
  6. Close the browser
  7. Restart the browser

Here is the EMC announcement:

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