This page lists all of the Documentum open source tools and utilities that I know of (in no particular order).  If you know of others, let me know and I will add them to the list.

  • RepoInt – RepoInt is an Eclipse/Composer plugin that combines the best of browsing, DQL, API and more into one easy to use tool.  It also comes in a standalone version not requiring Eclipse/Composer.  Be sure to this blog post with additional instructions and goodies.
  • DOCS – Documentum Command Shell is a command line client for Documentum that allows you to navigate the repository using short commands.  Features include navigation, DQL, API and library functions.  Requires .Net Framework and the DFC PIA.
  • dqMan – a DQL and API editor all in one.
  • Delilah – an alternative to the old Documentum WorkSpace client.  I use it for its ability to quickly and easily save DQL and API results to Excel.
  • Samson – Samson is an unsupported DQL and API editor that comes with Documentum Content Server.  You can find it on your Content Server at D:\Documentum\product\6.5\unsupported\win\samson.
  • Tadsbits – a simple migration tool that uses Dump/Load.
  • TSG – TSG offers several Open Source tools, including:  OpenMigrate, OpenAnnoate, OpenContent, and Active Wizard.
  • Db::Documentum – Db::Documentum is a Perl module which integrates the Documentum API with the Perl language.  It is a bit dated now and only works up through Documentum 5.3 SP6 due to its reliance on the DMCL and C++ libraries.  Here is the tutorial doc.
  • JCG – Java Code Generator for Documentum is a command line tool that can be used to generate Java Beans from Documentum Object types.
  • dctmutils – a collection of utility classes for working with Documentum sessions, objects, DQL, DFC, Automatic Workflow Activities and Ant tasks.
  • Explorer Extension – DFS-based extension lets you explore a Documentum repository from Windows Explorer, sort of like Desktop Client.
  • DFS Tester – Test DFS-based web services including login and file downloads.
  • New DQL Editor – a really nice, all Java DQL editor that supports cut/paste, auto completion and more.
  • SivDM – (download link in right-hand pane) SivDM is a Swiss army knife of useful features including DQL, API, scripting, reverse engineering and some XML.
  • Doofer – Do DFC scripting from Groovy with this simple class library.
  • Infinite Blend – offers several useful open source apps for developers and administrators.
  • Toad – Database development and admin tools (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2).
  • SquirreL SQL – a universal SQL client.
  • SQLExplorer – a universal SQL client plugin for Eclipse.
  • SQLiteStudio – a nice (free) SQL database manager.
  • Xense Profiler for DFC – a Documentum performance profiling tool.
  • Qit – an extensible DQL/API editor based on Eclipse; very similar to RepoInt, but better (IMHO).  See this blog post for an example of writing your own Qit extensions.
  • Qtility Move -a tool for importing, exporting, migrating, and processing documents in Documentum.
  • DRX (Documentum Repository eXplorer) – DRX is a powerful exploration, auditing, and documentation tool that allows Documentum administrators and developers to quickly document vital information about their repositories and environments.
  • DQL Helper Library – a Java library that adds much needed capabilities to DQL queries such as parameters, returning results as Java-friendly types, and call back methods.
  • DQLPerformanceTest – a Java-based command line tool to stress test DQL execution.
  • ObjectModelExporter – a Java-based tool to graphically diagram the Documentum object model.
  • DFSX – helpful extensions to DFS.  Some of these capabilities have been overcome by improvements in later (v6.7+) versions of DFS.
  • QuikDIE – bulk export utility for Documentum.
  • Find Content Server file spreadsheet – a spreadsheet to automate finding the location of an object’s content file on the Content Server’s file store.
  • DeepDocumentumExport – a Java app to export content from a repository and preserve its folder structure.

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