Captiva 7 Web Services Tutorial

I am pleased to announce the availability of my Captiva 7 Web Services Output (WSO) Tutorial.  In this paper I explain how to use the Captiva Web Service Output (WSO) module.  The tutorial walks through creating web services to be consumed by WSO, setting up the CaptureFlow containing WSO, configuring WSO, and testing the entire process from end-to-end.  The tutorial presents a simple use case which requires Captiva to interface with, extract metadata from, and import scanned documents into a case management system — all via web services.

As with my previous Captiva tutorial, this tutorial is a result of plunging head-first into a project and finding no useful, publicly available resources to assist me.  This paper chronicles my findings and offers source code as a starting point for others.

You can find the tutorial here, on my Publications page, and on the EDN.  Enjoy!

I welcome any feedback.

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