Composer and Repoint

Over the years, Repoint has been a standard, must-have Documentum developer’s tool.  (It’s really unfortunate it has fallen out of active support and development.)  Anyway, here is a link to a step-by-step guide for getting Repoint to work inside of Composer:  The article itself is a bit dated, but it has been kept alive by the comments.  The configuration is tedious, but it does work.  The screenshot below is using Composer 6.7 SP2.


You can find download links for Repoint, some alternatives, and a host of other tools on my Tools page.


Qit 3.1 – New Documentum Open Source Tool

If you aren’t using Qit yet, you should be.  Qit is an awesome alternative to repoInt from Belgian company Qtree. Qit provides developers and admins easy access to the tools they need to manage and troubleshoot Documentum repositories.  For example:

  • Tree navigation of cabinets/folders as well as administrative nodes (e.g., users, ACLs, jobs),
  • DQL editor,
  • API editor,
  • Properties editor for any object selected in results panel, and
  • Search.

I have found it to be a solid and indispensable tool.  Check out the screen shot!


In addition, Qit is  extendable with custom actions.  Just for fun, I wrote an extension to produce an SHA-256 hash for a selected object’s content (see image below).  It was super simple.  Code here.


Qit is built on the Eclipse framework and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Check it out,!

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