Documentum Object Model Diagramer

Have you ever had to diagram a Documentum object model for a client deliverable?  You know, the client wanted to see a hierarchical diagram depicting the relationships among the Documentum object types as well as all of the custom attributes.  Over the years, I have produced these in a variety of ways including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.  The DRX tool even has a module that produces a diagram of the object model hierarchy using ASCII characters.

Stephane Marcon has created a cool little tool called the Object Model Exporter that uses the  Graphviz graphing library to produce a nice hierarchical diagram — including attributes — of the Documentum object model in JPG format.  You can download it from his blog, or directly from SourceForge here.

Here is an example of the resulting diagram:


Cool, eh?

I found the tool easy to use and produced good results.  My only caution is that the diagram the tool produces is always named objectmodel.jpg.  If you don’t manually rename it after each run you will overwrite each diagram.

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