Documentum 2013-2014 Product Roadmap

Here are some notes I quickly jotted down during several of the sessions this past  week at DevCon 2013 regarding Documentum’s future releases. Much of this information went by very quickly, and some of it was included in sessions that I did not attend.  Therefore, I will probably revised/amend it in the coming weeks as I have a chance to review the material from those missed sessions.


  • Documentum v7.1 stack
    • New platform certifications:
      • Windows Server 2012/SQL Server 2012
      • Windows Server 2012/Oracle 11g R2
      • RHEL 6.x 64bit/Oracle 11g R2
      • Solaris 11 (SPARC)/Oracle 11g R2
      • AIX 7.1 TL2/DB2 Enterprise 9.7 FP7
      • Pretty close to what was expected, with the exception of SUSE Linux
    • xMS1.1
    • continued backward compatibility with D6.7 SP2,
      xPlore 1.4?
    • Composer update for use with D7.1
  • D2 v4.2
    • bulk imports
    • improved content creation wizard
    • recycle bin
    • term hit highlighting
    • dynamic views
    • less clicking
    • context-sensitive widgets


  •  xCP v2.1
    •  type adoption
    • reverse interop (DFC change) allows classic clients to use xCP types
    • SSO
    • section 508 compliance
    • REST API
    • event bus
    • process debugging
    • better ECM features
  • IRM v5.3
  • Captiva v7.1
    • mobile capture toolkit (enables construction of capture apps on mobile devices)
    • dual monitor support
    • new platform certifications
    • allow multiple developers to work on same CaptureFlow project (not a CMS)
  • Records Manager certification on D7


  •  Webtop v6.8
    • no new features
    • continued bug fixes and compatibility with D7.1
    • extends service life to 2020
    • more discussion here


  • D7.1 Developer Editions (mobile, xCP, D2) using Linux/Postgres.  Others’ thoughts on this here.
  • IRM services for D7.1
  • EMC Documentum SaaS environment.  Others’ thoughts on this here.


  • Captiva D2 and xCP widgets?
  • MyDocumentum for Exchange v6.8?

Of course, all of this material was presented with the expected caveat of “you can’t hold responsible for any of this information.”

Previous product road maps:  2012, 2011

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