Updated Documentum Tools and Applications

I had a little free time this week and made some updates to tools and applications I use frequently.  These updates represent ideas sent to me by users or were necessary to address additional situations I encountered in the field.  I hope they are helpful for you too.

QuikDIE v1.5 – This application exports content and metadata from a Documentum repository based upon a query.  Content is exported in its native format, and metadata is exported as XML.  Updates include:

  • detects and eliminates content “parked” on BOCS server
  • “dmi_” object types are ignored
  • implemented DCTMBasics JAR

For additional information regarding QuikDIE (including important info in the comments section), search for “QuikDIE“.

DeepExport v1.1 – This application exports CONTENT ONLY from a folder in a Documentum repository.  Content is exported in its native format and the folder hierarchy in the repository is replicated on the export drive.  Updates include:

  • detects and eliminates objects parked on BOCS server
  • updated to use DCTMBasics v1.3
  • refactored to remove Utils class
  • added password encryption/decryption

For additional information regarding DeepExport, search for “DeepExport“.

DCTMBasics v1.3 – This JAR file contains a set of helpful methods for interfacing with Documentum via the DFC.  It contains implementations of methods discussed in “The Basics” series.  Updates include:

  • getDFCVersion() – returns DFC version of your client
  • checkDFCVersion() – compare the current DFC version with a minimum version
  • createDocbasePath() – create a folder hierarchy in the repository
  • encryptPassword() – encrypt a password using the RegistryPasswordUtils class (used to encrypt dm_bof_registry user)
  • decryptPassword() – decrypt a password encrypted with the encrypt() method
  • runDQLQueryReturnSingleValue() – run a query that returns a single value, for example:  select count(*) from …
  • isSysObject() – tests it an IDfPersistentObject is a sys_object or not
  • createLogFile() – create a log file and return it to the caller as a PrintWriter
  • other misc updates, changes, corrections, and refactoring

For additional information regarding “The Basics” series, search for “The Basics“.





About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

11 Responses to Updated Documentum Tools and Applications

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  3. Chris says:

    Good evening. I have exported millions of documents from Documentum to a share drive. Believe it or not but I have another requirement that is the opposite. I now need to import millions into a Documentum repository from a file share. Can you provide me with the paremeters to configure the QuikDIE tool? Let me know.


    • Scott says:

      Chris, Have you exported these files using QuikDIE export? Cool! Unfortunately, I never finished the Import module, or released it. I have a prototype that generally works but has not been battle-tested. I suppose I should finish it up. I can get you the source code if you want to give it a try; let me know. The Import module uses a properties file similar to the Export module. The contents of the import file looks like this:



      • Vijay Garudeswar says:

        scott can you pass on the import program code .I have a similar requirement to export docs from documentum and import into documentum from a file share.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Vijay Garudeswar says:

      Chris can you pass on the export and import program code .I have a similar requirement to export docs from documentum and import into documentum from a file share.


    • Vijay Garudeswar says:

      Thank you.Can the export path be a network shared drive .Also is there a way to FTP the exported location of content to another host via this ulitity.I know this would be an extension but wanted to check whether its feasibile.


      • Scott says:

        Sure, you can export to a network share. I’ve only tried this on Windows with the share mounted as a drive letter, but a UNC path should work just as well. The utility won’t FTP content, but you could FTP one it is exported using an FTP client of your choice. If space is a concern, you can do something clever with the query to only export manageable chunks at a time.


  4. Vijay Garudeswar says:

    Thank you.whats the throughput you have observed for your requirements for this utility .Any numbers would be perfect .Did you run it from a PC(with high config reqmts) close to the server data center or was it run from a geographically remote location client or was it run directly from the content server.Any benchmarks would be appreciated.(Ex 50 GB data, time taken)


  5. Scott says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any hard benchmarks for the throughput. So much of that will depend upon your network speed and latency, the type and size of the content you are exporting, etc. I most recently export ~50GB of web content from an aging WebPublisher implementation in about 2.5 hrs using just my laptop connected over a wifi network.


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