IIG/Documentum Road Map – Q4 2014 Update

I had the opportunity to attend the Q4 EMC IIG Business Partner Webcast today.  Among other things that were discussed were IIG’s top priorities for 2015 and a brief product road map.  Here are IIG’s stated priorities for 2015:

  • Value Office Solutions
  • Syncplicity
  • InfoArchive
  • Captiva and ApplicationXtender
  • Documentum UI Refresh
  • Managed Services

And here is the product road map:


  • Documentum 7.2 (Update)
    • Security updates/improvements
    • Migration and consolidation best practices
    • JBoss and Oracle updates and new certifications
    • EMC WORM integrations
  • InfoArchive (“Athena”)
    • Extended compliance and security support (enhanced retention policies and encryption)
    • Search enhancements (UI, Boolean operators, sort and filter)
    • Archive enhancements (performance enhancements, reports, audit enhancements)
  • xCP (“Fire Rainbow”)
    • Solution building platform (64-bit xCP Designer, improved developer experience, improved deployment)
    • Performance improvements
    • Drag & Drop capability from within Outlook to xCP application


  • Captiva (“Lithium”)
    • Embedded real-time recognition (document classification and extraction in mobile apps)
    • NextGen advanced recognition (improvements to Recognition Designer)
    • Captiva Capture improvements (performance enhancements, 64-bit binaries, usability improvements for Desktop and Designer)
  • D2 (“Hawk”)
    • Productivity (multi-document workflows, performance enhancements using D2-BOCS, right-to-left language support)
    • Information integrity (SSO support, multi-repository support, Syncplicity Connector 1.1)
    • Agility (default user configurations)
  • D2 Advanced Publishing
    • Advanced content management and publishing


  • ApplicationXtender (“Oak”)
    • Usability (new cross-platform UI, additional browser support)
    • Extensibility (new REST API)
    • Productivity (batch capabilities, recycle bin)
  • xCP (“Moonbow”) – Proposed
    • Solution building platform (collaboration support, advanced case management, run-time configurations, responsive design, sample applications)
    • Improved content management and cross-product integrations (enhanced CM functions, deeper integration with Captiva, RPS, and Syncplicity)


  • xPression “Aria” (Update)
    • Streamlined template design
    • 508-compliant outputs
    • Admin improvements
    • Tracking capabilities


  • Documentum “Bedrock” (Update)
    • Simplified deployments to data centers
    • Seamless external/remote user access
    • Unified workflows for global data centers


  • No version numbers were mentioned, only release code names.
  • I was hoping to here that there would be additional integration effort between D2 and xCP.
  • No mention of any updates to the Content Server or other core components (e.g., DA).
  • No mention of the DA/Webtop update (v6.8) originally scheduled for Q4 2014.  Still hope for this one. (UPDATE:  It’s out!)
  • In general, releases have slipped a quarter (or two).
  • Updates based upon road map discussed at EMC Federal Users’ Group Meeting, Dec 11, 2014)

Previous Road Maps:  2013-2014, 2014

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