Brian Yasaki, Rest in Peace

Over the weekend I lost a dear friend and colleague, Brian Yasaki.  Brian contributed to this blog directly and indirectly.  Not only did he write posts, but our discussions often inspired me to write posts.  We co-authored the DRX tool, though as of late, it had become Brian’s brain child.  Over the past 9+ years we shared many offices and many, many lunches.  Brian was a wonderful colleague, friend, and mentor.  He is sorely missed.


Brian Yasaki
April 22, 1956 – September 14, 2014



About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

12 Responses to Brian Yasaki, Rest in Peace

  1. Rob Koper says:

    May he rest in piece. I hope his family and friends will be able to process this.


  2. Susan Janger says:

    Brian was amazing to work with – brilliant, soft spoken, kind, sharing, always willing to help everyone. I have had a pleasure of working with him since 2007 and the joy of knowing him as a friend. May he rest in peace.


  3. Bobbie Webster says:

    Brian was one of the kindest individuals I have ever known! He brightened my day anytime I was lucky enough to have him pop in and pay me a visit at work! He was a soft soul and a sweet spirit and my heart is heavy with his loss! Heaven, has indeed, gained another angel and he will be greatly missed by anyone who knew him. Thank you for brightening my life since 2007 when we started our first project together at FDIC. Rest in Peace my dear friend! XO


  4. Lisa Ricks says:

    My heart aches as I read this – I worked with Brian and he was gentle, kind and very brilliant!


  5. Gwen says:

    Thoughtfully stated. I haven’t stopped thinking about Brian since I got the news Monday. Like so many of the others who have shared their thoughts of Brian, I can speak to his kindness, gentle nature, giving spirit and unselfishness. I came to know Brian as a co-worker in 2004 and instantly became his friend, primarily because of the person he was. I’ve been reflecting on the wonderful times we shared and there are way too many to consume. Thank you Brian for the lovely memories I will have to reflect on for a lifetime. Rest in peace.


  6. Pam Fuller says:

    I worked with Brian for twenty years – at several companies – before he started working with you. He has always been a treasured friend. The kindest soul I have ever known.


  7. Craig says:

    This is very sad news. I am very sorry to hear this and really enjoyed my time working with him. He was such a kind man with a great heart. I will miss him quite a bit.



  8. Paula says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Brian when he visited the Boulder office years ago. Though he seemed quiet, he openly shared his warm, kind, thoughtful and intelligent personality. Although we stayed in touch infrequently, he was a wonderful human and I will miss him.


  9. Paul Williams says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Brian at Flatirons on several projects and never met a more unpretentious man… a tireless team mate, and generous collaborator. While we always worked remotely from one another, the couple of times we met in person and shared stories in a social setting (like Mary’s party) let me know we had much in common. He will always be one of those most memorable personas that we all reflect on when looking back on a career full of people. This saddens me deeply.

    — Paul


  10. Bill Foe says:

    My Grandparents lived 2 houses from Brian in Cleveland so when I visited them from Illinois I hung out with Brian and his family. Brian was about a year younger than me so it was a lot of fun to see him when we visited and as we both got older. I read all the other comments and I can vouch that he was that way since I knew him when we were both about 5 years old. I had not seen him or stayed in touch for years but seeing his picture that is posted brought back the great memories we had. This world needs more people like Brian Yasaki. – Bill Foe


  11. Arti Agarwal says:

    I have been recently trying to get in touch with him and had no idea. So I called Armedia front desk and got some details. Even though Brian and I worked together for a very short period of time but he was one of my good friends that I will always miss and keep him in my prayers. He was one of the most kind hearted person I’ve ever met who is always there to help and support in whatever he can.

    With lots of prayers,
    Arti Agarwal


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