Documentum Road Map 2014

Here is a brief road map of coming releases and features I was able to assemble from various blogs and Tweets from EMC World / Momentum 2014.

Documentum SharePoint Connector

  • Q1 2015 – v7.1 SP1
  • Q4 2015 – collaboration, linking, federated search along with ties to xCP, D2


  • Q1 2014 (past) – v2.1
  • Q3 2015 – collaboration, some case management, mobile support along with deeper RPS integration


  • Q3 2014 – v4.5 SP1: fill-able PDFs, normalized HTML
  • Q4 2015 –  “Aria”: UI enhancements, sysadmin enhancements


  • Q1 2014 (past) – v4.2
  • Q4 2014 – performance improvements, admin enhancements
  • Q1 2015 – D2 Advanced Publishing: support for publishing and virtual document enhancements


  • Q4 2014 – v6.8?: new platform/browser certifications

Content Server

  • Curiously missing from the discussion…
  • Other than NGIS will be EMC’s (with Pivital) first APaaS later this year.  I need to hear more about this. On the surface, it sounds like EMC | Documentum will be leaving a lot of customers behind.

If you have any additions or corrections please suggest them. Instead of one big “road map” session at Momentum this year, each product announced its own road map. Therefore, I am relying on attendees’ notes from each product session to assemble this road map.

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