EMC Support App

October marked the one year anniversary of the EMC Support App on iOS.  Did you know that such as thing even existed?  I stumbled upon it by accident over at dump dm_documentum .  Anyway, I’m pretty excited to see this, and plan to use it heavily.  I am rarely at my desk or a convenient location when I need to submit an SR (or view the resolution of one).

EMC has just released the Android version of the EMC Support App.  The iOS and Android apps are different, and were developed natively for the platforms upon which they run; however, they do — and will continue to — maintain feature parity.

Here are all the links you need to learn more and download the apps.

EMC Mobile Support App landing page

EMC Support App downloads

EMC blog about mobile support app

EMC Mobile support forum

EMC Documentum Mobile app


About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

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  1. Naveen R says:


    A nice post, regarding EMC app for android, surprisingly the original content of dump dm_documentum’s post.


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