The Internet Census (2012)

I stumbled upon the Internet Census (2012) the other day and found it fascinating; maybe it’s old news to you, but I thought I would share it anyway.  The author of this paper describes how he created a BotNet and “infected” 420,000 hosts in order to measure the Internet.  His conclusion:  1.3 billion IP addresses in use.

His methodology is interesting and impressive, but perhaps more interesting are some of his findings (e.g., the number of open and unprotected ports).  The raw results are available here for download (586GB).  Is your IP range or domain name included?

I’m glad this guy wore a “white hat” and was a competent programmer, because it seems to me that he could have easily brought the Internet to a halt either maliciously or accidentally.

Here is a link to previous, but not as impressive (IMHO) surveys.

UPDATE:  An after-the-fact qualitative assessment of the census data.


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