DRX v2.2 Released

Brian Y. and I are pleased to announce the release of DRX (Documentum Repository eXplorer) version 2.2.  We made this release only a “point” update (i.e., from 2.1.1 –> 2.2), even though it contains some exciting new features — not the least of which is its ability to run against D7 repositories.  This release of DRX is compatible with Documentum 5.3 – 7.0 Content Servers.

Here is a quick list of additions, enhancements, and features included in this release of DRX:

  • recompiled to work with D7 repositories;
  • updated JRE to 1.6_43;
  • expanded the list of Documentum housekeeping reports included in jobs report;
  • include list of users who have superuser or admin privileges in user report;
  • added list of top 20 ACLs according to the number of objects to which they are applied. (This helps gauge ACL coverage.);
  • include JMS, BOCS, and ACS in configuration report;
  • added count of inbox items to user report;
  • general improvements, corrections, and tweaks.

DRX has enjoyed over 1,300 downloads in the past year.  If you haven’t tried DRX yet, I encourage you to download it and give it a try. For a brief explanation of DRX, see here .  And, as always, if you have any feedback or feature requests, please log them here.  Enjoy.


About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

2 Responses to DRX v2.2 Released

  1. Pierre says:

    Hello Scott,
    I recently bought your book “A Beginner’s Guide to DDDA” but neither of the URLs listed in the book and on this blog that link to the book source code are working. Could you please email me the dm_book_src_1-0.zip file or a working URL. Thank you.


    • Scott says:

      Thanks for purchasing the book, I hope you find it helpful. Sorry about the problem with the links. I closed down the book’s website with the advent to D6.5 since the Desktop Client wasn’t supported any longer. I thought I had updated all the links on the blog, but guessed I missed that one. My bad. The link has been corrected and is also here: https://www.box.com/s/0aq2tm8we33vogkbwdj2. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. Thanks again.


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