Tidbits from Momentum DevCon 2012

I attended the Momentum DevCon in Pleasanton this week.  I learned a lot about D2, xCP, and D7, which I will relay to you over the next few posts.  However, to begin with, I want to pass on some interesting tidbits and insights from the opening day’s Ask the Product Managers session.

  • There are no plans to upgrade Composer to a newer version of Eclipse.  The xCP Designer will become the development tool of choice moving forward.
  • If you have a solution working on Webtop, there is no rush to replace it with a D2 or xCP solution.  There are no plans to end-of-life Webtop, it will continue to be supported with updates and bug fixes.  There will not be any new innovation added to Webtop though, all innovation will be focused on D2 and xCP.
  • The long-term plan is that the D2 configuration layer will be extended to xCP and then MyDocumentum clients, uniting the client layer.
  • All service and server APIs are moving toward a RESTful implementation (D7.1), adding greater cross-platform support, scalability, etc..  DFC and DFS will continue to be supported, but no new innovations will be added to those code lines.  The only changes will be conversion to native 64-bit.
  • xMS (the xCelerated Management System), the new D7 deployment tool, will only work on VM environments employing vSphere, otherwise the install processes is same as it ever was.
  • EMC recommended using SDL Tridion to replace WebPublisher.
  • Neither xCP 2.0 or D2 v4.0 expose custom Aspects.  This was a surprise to most at the conference.  xCP is likely to add the functionality at a later date; D2 will not.  So, those of you using Aspect behavior or metadata will still be writing custom interfaces to expose them. I showed you how to do this in Webtop here.
  • xPlore still doesn’t support proximity searches and there are no plans to do so.  (Proximity searches let you search for words that are near each other, or in the same sentence, or paragraph.  Verity used to do this well.).  To be fair, the xPlore PM was not present.  The other PMs were not certain but didn’t recall that capability being on the road map.
  • The UCF is not going away, but its implementation is changing.  In D7, the UCF will leverage HTML 5 document transfer capabilities and not be implemented as the problematic applet it is today.
  • D2 does not provide a way to directly apply retention policies.  D2 can attach retention policies to content through a document life cycle (see comments for details).
  • D2 and xCP will move toward integration next year.  No one knows what this means, although it was previously stated that xCP controls would be able to run in D2.
  • D6.7 SP2 (due Q1 2013) clients will be pre-certified for D7, meaning they will run on Content Server 7.  This means you can upgrade your Content Server in advance of your UI stack (which always takes longer and is more complicated because of your customizations).
  • D7 is the largest single platform release in Documentum history, refreshing nearly every product associated with Documentum.

About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

10 Responses to Tidbits from Momentum DevCon 2012

  1. Paddy Brown says:

    Thanks for this Scott. Does the xMS vSphere dependency mean that it will not be possible to deploy D7 to standalone development VMs? Or is there a non-xMS deployment option?



    • Scott says:

      Paddy, you will still be able to deploy D7 to non-vSphere environments the same as you always have. EMC even claims they have reduced the number of wizard screens you have to click through to get the Content Server installed. We’ll see.


  2. Very disappointed in the decision to not expose custom aspects in the user interfaces. I really have needed this for a long time and have been told by several EMC reps that it was coming to only now hear this. Not cool EMC.


    • Scott says:

      I agree. When discussing it with the product managers, they said their decision to not expose custom aspects in the UI or Designer could be swayed with enough customer requests.


      • Ahson Ahmad (xCP Product Manager) says:

        Can you identify the why an event tied to a stateless process doesn’t work for you? Is it just about encapsulating attributes in the aspect, or is there something more that I’m missing?


  3. FYI on xPlore and proximity search. It is already supported when generating custom xquery. It will be introduced soon in the DFC Search Service, as part of a patch release.


    • Scott says:

      Thanks for the input; that is information that none of the product managers knew this week. Isn’t it a little odd to introduce new functionality in a patch?


      • Yes it is indeed unusual but the risks are low since it is already supported by the underlying engine. We are doing it to help a customer rolling out a solution into production. This is a key feature for some of their users. It was slated for the next release anyway.


  4. Sunil Sharma says:

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the great summary of PM Q&A during DevCon last week.

    As the PM for D2, I would like to correct your statement about D2 and RPS. Here is the correct response:

    “D2 does provide a way to configure and apply retention policies through the lifecycle. If you want to apply a policy to a particular folder, you have to configure it in your D2 lifecycle first, in order to be able to apply a specific LC state on your folder or document.”


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