Content Server Build Numbers

Here is a list of build numbers for the Content Server dating all the way back to version 5.2.5.  I have listed the OS/database platform combinations I can confirm.  I suspect in most cases, the build numbers are the same across all OS/database combinations.  However, there are some interesting anomalies,  for example: v5.3 has a separate build for Sun5/Oracle.  My guess is that the code line was recompiled to address a bug/patch in either Sun5 or Oracle.  Then there is the discrepancy with v6.0 and v6.5.  These build numbers vary greatly for identical versions and platforms.  What’s going on here?  I have no explanation (or guess) for these anomalies, but am very curious.

Version Build Number OS/Database Platforms
5.2.5 Win32.Oracle/AIX.DB2
5.2.5 SP1 SP1 Win32.Oracle/AIX.DB2
5.2.5 SP2 SP2 Win32.SQLServer/AIX.Oracle
5.2.5 SP4 SP4 Win32.SQLServer
5.3 SP1 SP1 Win32.Oracle/Win32.SQLServer/Linux.Oracle
5.3 SP2 SP2 sun5.Oracle/AIX.Oracle/HPUX.Oracle/Win32.Oracle/Win32.SQLServer
5.3 SP3 SP3 HPUX.Oracle/sun5.Oracle/Win32.Oracle/Win32.SQLServer/Linux.Oracle
5.3 SP4 SP4 Win32.Oracle/sun5.Oracle/Win32.SQLServer
5.3 SP5 SP5 Win32.SQLServer/sun5.Oracle/Linux.Oracle/AIX.Oracle
5.3 SP6 SP6 Win32.SQLServer/Win32.Oracle)
6.0 SP1 SP1 AIX.OracleWin32.Oracle
6.5 SP1 SP1 Win32.SQLServer/Win32.Oracle
6.5 SP2 SP2 Win32.SQLServer/Win32.Oracle
6.5 SP3 SP3 SP3 P1100
6.6 Win32.SQLServer
6.7 SP1 6.7.1000.0038 Win64.SQLServer
6.7 SP1 P10 6.7.1100.0181 Win64.Oracle
6.7 SP1 P11 6.7.1110.0195 Win32.SQLServer
6.7 SP2 6.7.2000.0039 Win32.SQLServer
6.7 SP2 P01 6.7.2010.0046 Win32.SQLServer
7.0 7.0.0000.0510 Win64.SQLServer
7.0 P06 7.0.0060.0557 Win64.SQLServer
7.1 7.1.0000.0151 Linux.Oracle

The table is missing a few entries (e.g., 6.7, and 5.2.5 SP3) as well as some OS/database combinations. If you can help fill out the table I would appreciate it. Send me your confirmed build numbers and OS/database combinations and I will update the table.  (The easiest way to determine the build number of your Content Server is to look at the first few lines of the server log.)

UPDATE:  Here is a link that explains version numbers, patch numbers, and build numbers for Content Server 6.5 SP2 and above:

This is the general heuristic for “decoding” the version numbers.

6.7 1 100 0181
major.minor version SP patch 10 with right-padded 0 build number

5 Responses to Content Server Build Numbers

  1. Andrew Carver says:

    Great idea!

    I have a 6.5 SP3 (Oracle) SUSE Linux system that we patched (Patch 11, I believe) in order to migrate from FAST to xPlore.
    “version SP3P1100 Linux.Oracle”

    Alternate/enhancement to reading the server log file:
    the EXECUTE SHOW_SESSIONS command will report the version of each client connected to the repository.



  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the addition!


  3. Roy says:

    6.7 sp1 SQL server/Windows 64bit:

    “version 6.7.1000.0038 Win64.SQLServer”


  4. Vladimir says:

    5.3 SP6 (Oracle) on Windows:
    EMC Documentum Content Server (version SP6 Win32.Oracle)


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