Documentum 2012 Product Roadmap

I had an opportunity this week to hear about EMC’s (really IIG’s) roadmap for Documentum this year.  Some big changes are in the future.  Here are some highlights:

2012 H1

  • D2 Premium 3.1 (mid-Feb), based on D6.7 SP1 code base.  D2 is Documentum’s new user interface that will replace Webtop among others.  See the datasheet here.
  • Documentum Mobile 1.1 client (Feb.).  The new mobile app will support iPhone and iPad, and include the capability to contribute content (i.e., import).  See more here.
  • Documentum OnDemand (April), based on Captiva 6.5, Documentum 6.7, Webtop 6.7, D2 Premium, DocSci 4.1.  Documentum OnDemand is a new hosted offering EMC is rolling out where they will host and manage a customer’s Documentum infrastructure on the customer’s private LAN.  It will employ a hybrid cloud concept.  See more here.
  • IRM 5.1 to include support for mobile apps.
  • Kazeon 4.6

2012 H2

  • D2 Standard 1.0.  D2 Standard will be build upon the “new, D7 codeline”.  The Standard version will have less capability than the “Premium” version.  See here for more detail and a comparison of the two UIs.  The migration path is roughly like this:
    • DAM/MWS, CenterStage, eRoom and content-centric Webtop applications –> D2
    • Webtop with process-centric applications –> xCP
  • Documentum Mobile 1.2.  To include support for IRM.
  • xPression 4.2
  • Captiva 7.0.  Captiva will sport an all new UI and development environment.  The “InputAccel” nomenclature is going away.  Transition to Captiva 7.0 will likely involve migration of existing capture processes.
  • Documentum 7.0 and xCP 2.0 (Q3).  The long-awaited next major release of Documentum. Big changes are expected here.  IIG discussed releasing D7 in a completely virtual environment (i.e., it will only run in VMware), and only be configured for Windows/SQL server and Linux/Oracle.  Expect Momentum this year to be all about D7.
  • Documentum OnDemand (v2.0?).  This release of OnDemand will include D7, xCP 2.0, and D2 Standard.
  • Record Suite 6.7 SP2 to include RPS, RM and PRM
  • Kazeon 4.7

UPDATE:  I have updated the text concerning D2 Premium and Standard to be more accurate.  Sorry for the confusion and thank you to all how have set the record straight.  See Peggy’s blog post mentioned in the comments below for a good overview of the D2 clients and their capabilities.

14 Responses to Documentum 2012 Product Roadmap

  1. Pie says:

    Let me get this straight, D2 Premium will have less features than D2 Standard?



    • Scott says:

      Yea, isn’t that great! IIG intimated that D2 probably isn’t the final name of the product so hopefully whatever the decide to call the thing will alleviate some of the confusion.


  2. Peggy Ringhausen says:

    I think there is a little confusion on the difference between Premium and Standard and where these products reside in our portfolio. Hopefully I can clear this up. We are currently shipping D2 Premium 3.0 and will soon ship a 3.1 version. D2 Premium 3.1 will add support for the 6.7 SP1 platform. D2 is not a product that necessarily replaces Webtop. There are a similar set of features, but there are also differences. Look closely at the use case to ensure D2 has what you need. Also, D2 has amazing configuration capabilities that Webtop does not have.

    D2 Standard, planned for 2012 H2, will feature a new UI and a subset of the features available in Premium. The names for Premium and Standard do reflect the products’ capabilities. Premium is a power user tool and Standard is more for the casual user. There will be a transition period during which Standard and Premium will have different user experiences, but the plan is to converge the two products towards a single UI platform (the new UI used initially by D2 Standard). The advanced features listed by Scott (virtual documents, XML , etc.) are actually in the Premium edition and are not planned for the Standard Edition.

    I hope this clears things up. – Peggy Ringhausen, Principal Product Manager, EMC


  3. David Lloyd says:

    “D2 is not a product that necessarily replaces Webtop.”

    The water is still very muddy, for me…

    1. Will there be a Webtop 7.0 that is significantly improved, or is 6.x the end of the line for Webtop?

    2. What is the architectural roadmap for TaskSpace – will it be completely rewritten, or will it still contain significant chunks of WDK?

    3. What is the overall migration recommendation strategy for those with Webtop 6.x customizations who rely heavily on workflow – move to TaskSpace now, wait for the next version of TaskSpace, etc.?

    4. Is there still another web client on the horizon for D7, and is D2 more to tide everyone over until then, or is D2 – as I understand it, developed entirely outside of EMC – really going to be the de facto, recommended web client moving forward?


    • Scott says:

      All excellent questions, some of which where raised during the presentation. I, unfortunately, don’t have those answers. Perhaps EMC will chime in again with answers. The implication I got was that Webtop and WDK would continue to work during the D7 lifetime, but that D2 and TaskSpace were the emphasis for UIs.


    • Peggy Ringhausen says:

      Here are my thoughts:

      1. Webtop will have additional releases for quite some time. However, we are not spending the resources on Webtop to innovate on the product. Do not plan for WT to have many new features in the future. We will use our resources to bring you new products on newer technology.

      2. TaskSpace roadmap is xCP 2.0. No WDK chunks involved.

      3. You need to look at the use case and what those customizations solved. Many may be accomplished with configuation capabilities of D2. If not, then xCP is the best path forward.

      4. D2 will be the “platform” for the new unified ECM client. However, the plan is to develop these colaboration and rich media features once and use them across D2 as well as xCP. This will allow your customers to choose the one that best fits and not simply on the features available in the product.


  4. Vincent Yeung says:

    Thanks for the info. It is very useful.


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