Documentum Ports

I am endeavoring to compile a catalog of common/default port numbers used by Documentum and related products.  I have scoured PowerLink, the support forums, blogs, install documentation and my own systems to compile the following list.  Hopefully, this will help anyone needing to open ports in a firewall.

Here is what I have so far, please feel free to make suggestions/corrections:

1489/1490 Docbroker (native/secure – must be consecutive ports).
8080 Tomcat default app port
7001 WebLogic default app port
9200 First Indexing agent port #1 (FAST/xPlore)
9080 First Indexing Agent port #2 (FAST)
13000-17000 Index Server (4000 contiguous ports)
10000/10001 Content Server 5.x  (see …/etc/services file).  These ports represent the native and
secure connection ports.
47625/47626 Content Server 6.x  (see …/etc/services file).  These ports represent the native and
secure connection ports.
16005 FAST Server
32000 xPlore Index Agent (Dctmservice.exe)
32001/9080 Method Server
32002/32003 xPlore Server
389, 489 Active Directory, LDAP
1521 Oracle Listener
9300/9302 xPlore (native/secure)
443 SSL
9080/9081 ACS and UCF (native/secure)
8489/8490 Documentum Messaging Service (native/secure)
8086/8087 Back Office Content Server (BOCS) (native/secure)
1099 Content Intelligence Sevrices (CIS)
1433 SQL Server
9095/9096 Documentum Content Transformaiton Services (CTS)
135 eRoom
6677 Documentum SCS/IDS Adminstration
2788/2787 Documentum SCS/IDS source/target communication (native/secure)
389/636 LDAP (native/secure)
10099 Captiva InputAccel client/server TCP port
8079 CIS
8061 CIS JMX agent port
1099 CIS RMI port
3690, 4445, 7130-7229, 9000, 10000-11000,
32000-32999, 375779, 40002, 55550-55649
CIS misc. ports
8081/8008 Documentum Thumbnail Server

About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

10 Responses to Documentum Ports

  1. Documentum SCS Adminstration (SCS 6.0 SP1) – 6677 (from memory earlier versions are the same not sure about IDS)


  2. If you were using LDAP it will likely run on 389 and SSL on 636


  3. Marcel says:

    Just out of curiosity, about the use of 10000/10001 by dctm5 and 47625/47626 by dctm6. Do you know of any documentation that backs this up or is it just empirical data (what you’ve witnessed)?
    What I have witnessed is that the installation of a 2nd Content Server (to serve an existing docbase) used the combination 10000/10001, although it was v6.5.

    Regardless of this, I think it would be good to mention that 10000/10001 resp. 47625/47626 are the ports used by the 1st docbase. The 2nd will use 10002/10003 resp. 47627/47628, and so forth.

    Nice post again. I’ve updated my info with the ones I didn’t know yet.


    • Scott says:

      I haven’t found any “official” documentation discussing the change/difference in default ports between D5 and D6. The closest I have come is this discussion on the EDN:


      • Marcel says:

        Eh… That’s my post on the EMC forum. I’m that same Marcel. My link above points to the same page (although the URL slightly differs).
        Anyway, until now I have not been able to pinpoint when the docbase installation program decided on using 10000/10001 or 47625/47626. I don’t remember ever seeing 47625/47626 on a dctm5 installation. But I have seen 10000/10001 on a dctm6 installation.


      • Scott says:

        Too funny. We seem to have come full circle on this material. If I can track down anything concrete from EMC I’ll post it.


      • Scott says:

        I just checked a D6.6 server at work that is running three Docbases. The ../etc/services file has the following entries:
        dm_docbase1 47625/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase1
        dm_docbase1_s 47626/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase1 (secure service)
        dm_docbase2 47627/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase2
        dm_docbase2_s 47628/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase2 (secure service)
        dm_docbase3 47629/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase3
        dm_docbase3_s 47630/tcp #Documentum Docbase Service docbase3 (secure service)
        This server was installed using only default values in the installation wizard.


      • AS says:

        As I understand, on Windows, the OS “decides” the port CS chooses. CS chooses the next available port in the services file. On *nix, you set the port manually before installing the CS.


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