Documentum Processes in Task Manager

Looking at Task Manager (on Windows, of course, ps on UNIX.), have you ever wondered which of these processes belong to Documentum?  Thanks to Sysinternal’s (now Microsoft), Process Explorer, determining what these processes are doing is fairly straightforward.  The key is to display the Command Line. I find Process Explorer very handy in a development environment to kill runaway processes and reclaim some RAM and CPU cycles.

Here is what I have determined:

Process Name Quantity Description
documentum.exe 1 This is the Content Server. Command Line = C:\Documentum\product\6.6\bin\documentum.exe -docbase_name repo1 -security acl -init_file C:\Documentum\dba\config\repo1\server.ini -run_as_service -install_owner dmadmin -logfile C:\Documentum\dba\log\repo1.log

This process also runs workflows.  The quantity of agents can be controlled by the wf_agent_worker_threads attribute in the dm_server_config object.  By default, 3 threads are configured.

This process is also the default method execution agent if your repository is not configured to use method servers.

dmdocbroker.exe 1 This is the Docbroker. Command Line = C:\Documentum\product\6.6\bin\dmdocbroker.exe -init_file C:\Documentum\dba\Docbroker.ini -logfile C:\Documentum\dba\log\Docbroker.Docbroker.log -port 1489 -run_as_service
dm_agent_exec 3 This is the job processor agent. By default, the Content Server is installed with 3 job agents active.  Settings for the job processor are controlled by arguments passed to the agent_exec_method. Command Line = C:\Documentum\product\6.6\bin\.\dm_agent_exec.exe -docbase_name repo1.repo1 -docbase_owner dmadmin -sleep_duration 0 -parent_handle 4624
mthdserver.exe 2 This is the dmbasic method server. By default the Content Server is installed with 2 Docbasic method servers. The quantity of servers can be controlled by the method_server_threads key in the server.ini file. Command Line = C:\Documentum\product\6.6\bin\mthdsvr.exe worker 029F0000,884736 1 2 0 repo1
dctmservice.exe 4 (varies) This is a Java Wrapper used by the Content Server to host various processes as services. For Example:

  • DmMethodServer – the Java Method Server. Command Line = "C:\Program Files\Documentum\tools\javaServiceWrapper\3.2.0\bin\dctmservice.exe" -s "C:\Documentum\jboss4.3.0\server\serviceConfig\MethodServer\conf\wrapper.conf"
  • DmIndexagent – The xPlore Indexing Agent. Command Line = "C:\Documentum\xPlore\tools\javaServiceWrapper\3.2.0\bin\dctmservice.exe" -s "C:\Documentum\xPlore\jboss4.3.0\server\serviceConfig\Indexagent\conf\wrapper.conf"
  • DmPrimaryDSearch – The xPlore Server. Command Line = "C:\Documentum\xPlore\tools\javaServiceWrapper\3.2.0\bin\dctmservice.exe" -s "C:\Documentum\xPlore\jboss4.3.0\server\serviceConfig\PrimaryDsearch\conf\wrapper.conf"
  • DmWatchdog – The watchdog process for xPlore. Command Line = C:\Documentum\xPlore\tools\javaServiceWrapper\3.2.0\bin\dctmservice.exe -s C:\Documentum\xPlore\watchdog\service\conf\wrapper.conf
dmbasic.exe varies This the the Docbasic interpreter. You will see these kickup occasonally when the Docbasic Method server runs a method or procedure.
java.exe varies This is the Java interpreter. You will see the Java Method Server spawn these as necessary.
javaw varies This is the Java interpreter without the command window.  You will see it running when applications like Process Builder or Composer are running.

Robin East wrote on this topic and tool back in Feb of 2007 if you are interested in his comments.


About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

2 Responses to Documentum Processes in Task Manager

  1. Marcel says:

    Thank for your posts Scott. Always looking forward to read them.

    dm_agent_exec is actually a little program that polls the repository for dm_job configuration information and then executes the related method if necessary. As far as I know it has nothing to do with workflows.


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