Documentum Roadmap 2011

One of the highlights of EMC World / Momentum is always Documentum’s future roadmap presentation.  These sessions highlight both concrete features expected to be delivered in relatively concrete timeframes, and pie-in-the-sky ideas that may never see the light of day.  EMC never releases the slides from these sessions (presumably so they can’t be held accountable) but attendees take copious notes and pictures of the presentation slides.

As previously stated, I was not in attendance at EMC World / Momentum this year, but I have assembled a Documentum roadmap from various blogs and posts I read this past week (I haven’t seen any pictures yet).  So, here goes (BTW, don’t hold me accountable for any of this either since I recieved it all third-hand).

2011 theme : Performance/Simplicity


  • Centerstage 1.2
  • D6.7 (see here for a short list of new features)
  • IRM 5.0  (Office 2010 support)
  • MyDocumentum Desktop (will include SSO, Metadata update, Auto check-in)
  • MyDocumentum Outlook (will include SSO, Search enhancements)


  • xPlore 1.1
  • SDL Tridion Integration
  • eRoom 7.4.4


  • iPad native client (other mobile platforms addressed in 3-6 month cycles).  Code will be available on EDN.


    Captiva Web Client


  • 6.7 SP1 (support IE 9)
  • xPlore 1.2
  • My Documentum SharePoint (will include full declaration of formal and informal records)

2012 Theme: Public Cloud


  • Mobile Client Phase 2 (Android)
  • xCP Visual Application Builder
  • UI Framework
  • Case and Content Widget Library
  • MyDocumentum Desktop Cloud Enabled


  • Unified Web Client version 1
  • Captiva next
  • D7 (more focus on virtualization of the platform)
  • MyDocumentum 7.0
  • xPlore 1.3 xPlore 1.3 (D7 stack release) will have Cloud Integration improvements
  • xCP 2.0


  • xCP 2.1 (post D7) will have mobile UI generation in Builder tools, At runtime, detect incoming device and serve appropriate UI and functionality
  • Unified Web Client version 2
  • Mobile Composer/Builder
  • xCP Visual Builder (Content)

General Notes:

  • The future development model will be based on Spring MVC, where REST services will be automatically built from the data model. The UI will be ExtJs.  More leverage of CMIS.
  • Webtop will be around for a minimum of 4 years.  It will be supported but will not gain many new features.  Will continue to certify on different browsers.
  • eRoom is still around, new versions comming. No rush to get off.
  • CenterStage 1.2 released earlier this year.  Unified approach a knowledge workers needs to do search, share, bulk Load. Will be taking the best of different clients (Webtop, Centerstage…) for the Unified Interface
  • Webtop/WDK will continue be supported for many many years. Planned for D7 with enhancements in quality, performance, security, etc.
  • xCP 2.0 will have a unification of tooling, meaning that all tools used today when building xCP solutions will be found in one tool (eclipse based). It will also be optimized for vFabric.  The vision is to ship the platform with ”blueprints”, i.e. deployment templates making it easy for the customer to reuse prebuilt configurations that match the requirements.

So, how does that sound?  Did I miss anything or misstate anything?  Let me know.  Oh, if you took pictures of any of these roadmap slides, let me know where to find them.


About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

8 Responses to Documentum Roadmap 2011

  1. Simon Woodford says:

    Good summary. need to add the dates etc RE: Quad and integrations / roadmap


  2. David Ellenberger says:

    Do yo know if 6.7SP1 will support RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x?


  3. Fernando Fernandez de Aranguiz says:

    Good summary. Thanks.


  4. Louis Raoul t'Serstevens says:

    1. You mention that Webtop has 4 years to live. Do you know what will (would) replace it ?
    2. eRoom seems to have a limited life expectancy ? Is it so ? Does have sense to develop solution on that base ?


    • Scott says:

      There is more discussion of the roadmap here: The information I recieved was that Webtop would be supported through the D7 release, but all new functionality would be put into the D2-Client. D2-Client will be the client going forward for all document-centric processes. For process-centric processes (e.g., eRoom, workflow, etc.) xCP 2.0 will be the platform of choice. I don’t think there is a real clear future for eRoom. It would have been nice to say that CenterStage was the future platform for eRoom, but that just ain’t so.


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