TBOs – Part 0

I have been working with TBOs lately, so in the next few posts I thought I would share some insights and lessons about them. Type-base objects (TBOs) are part of the Documentum Business Object Framework (BOF).  BOF is a framework provided by Documentum to centralize the development of business logic.  BOF endeavors to create logic that always executes, regardless of the client application, and provides a safe and structured means to extend core Documentum functionality.

TBOs are only one of three members of BOF (the other two are Service-Based Objects [SBOs] and Aspects).  TBOs allow you to override existing functionality or add new behavior to persistent object types including DFC types and other TBOs.  For example, you can change the way the delete or save functions behave, or you can add the capability for an object to inherit metadata from its parent.

In the next few posts I will be covering the following topics:

Stay tuned!

Note:  all of the code discussed in this series can be downloaded here.


About Scott
I have been implementing Documentum solutions since 1997. In 2005, I published a book about developing Documentum solutions for the Documentum Desktop Client (ISBN 0595339689). In 2010, I began this blog as a record of interesting and (hopefully) helpful bits of information related to Documentum, and as a creative outlet.

6 Responses to TBOs – Part 0

  1. John W says:

    I suggest also including come best practices for testing them. I worked with my development teams to permit JUnit testing of the fundamental logic. This required some development changes to move out of habits formed over years of practice and perhaps not knowing differently.


    • scott says:

      Great suggestion. I have not done any JUnit with TBOs but I like the idea. I’d love to add it to the discussion if you are willing to provide the input. You can guest write if you like or just funnel me the info. I’m happy to give you full credit.


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